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Where are you based?

The small county border town of Carnforth, northern England.  Population 17 and two ducks.  We don't even have a McDonalds.

Product Registration? 

There is currently no option to formerly register a pedal to you, but Sharp End FX is small batch and each order is attached to the purchaser in my own records.  

Warranty & Repairs?

It is very rare for a Sharp End FX pedal to stop working, high quality components and circuit, boards are used and each pedal is hand assembled and tested.   However, if you are certain a pedal is faulty, simply email to arrange return, I will repair and ship back to you as soon as possible.  So basically consider your pedal to have a lifetime warranty. 

'Noisy' Pedal?​

99.99% of the time this is due to poor power supply.  


Get yourself a transformer based, filtered power supply. 


Avoid digital switch mode supplies if possible, they are not always bad but I find they drastically increase the risk of external noise entering your signal path.  Check out these options -

Single Supply Option - EHX 9.6DC 200BI Power Supply

"WTF BRO?!!  That's 9.6V!"  Fresh '9V' batteries actually put out around 9.4 - 9.6 VDC, so it's all good.

Multi Supply (recommended) Option - Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

Cheaper but still decent Multi Supply Option - Mooer Macro 8 PSU

I have used the same Voodoo Lab supply since 2012 through hundreds of gigs and many weeks in recording/rehearsing with zero issues.  


This method doesn't provide an isolated supply to each of your pedals.  You will make everyone sad.

Can you modify my pedal?

Possibly... let me know the pedal you'd like to have modified and I will let you know what can be done.

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