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  • A heavy hitting 'one knob' fuzz!

    Fuzz The Haters: Fuzz Pedal

    • Though mini in stature, this mini fuzz-beast packs a punch!  The circuit is based on the silicon version of a classic two transistor effect, internally tuned and modified to my tastes.  


      The original effect, and many fuzzes in general in my opinion are far too bassy with not enough 'poke' when using humbuckers.  I designed this to work as well with humbuckers as well as single coil guitars, as is my preference, with slightly less gain than most also, meaning you can run this into a crunchy amp as well as clean.  It's single control simply lets you deciede how loud you want the effect output.  I really like this one, it's a lot of fun!


      There is no battery option with this pedal, so get yourself a solid power supply!  If you need some reccomendations - find out what I use at the FAQ page.

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