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  • Classic Treble Booster, with 'Range' control!

    House Of Noise: Treble Booster

    • (Please note the enclosures are no longer in hammered green!)

      Not gonna lie, this isn't your jack of all trades effect, it does only one thing but it does it so well!  A fat, biting 'classic' guitar tone that combined with the right (and loud) valve amplifier is heaven on Earth.  


      Certain guitarists harnessed the power of treble boosters which gave them a distinct tonal quality.  Think Brian May, Tony Iommi or Tipton/Downing of Judas Priest.  In fact treble booster style overdrives were much more common in the pre-Tube Screamer days, which is why they have what can be considered a 'classic' sound.


      The HON Treble Boost design offers slightly more bass in the output than other treble boosters, as is my preference.  However with the added 'Range' control, you can swing from original circuit (fully counter-clockwise) or a much fuller range of boosted frequencies (fully clockwise) which is especially helpful with single coils. 


      I made and used one of these while recording the Massive Wagons House Of Noise album in early 2020, and wanted to transfer that sound to the stage where it's lived on my board for 2 years.

      I originally built 10 of these to use then sell on a Massive Wagons UK tour in Sept '21, they all went on the tour so here they are again in a much sexier enclosure and added features!  


      There is no battery option with this pedal, it's 2022 so get yourself a solid power supply!  If you need some reccomendations - find out what I use at the FAQ page.

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