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  • Straight between the ears! 

    Nails: Impact Overdrive

    • Quality design and components ensure that the point is driven home cleanly, Nails Overdrive can hit very heavily while keeping the focus on the player.

      A dual BiFet IC pushes the output into fuzz territory, without getting wooly or undefined.  This overdrive is equally at home firing up a completely clean tone as it is taking an already overdriven amp into gloriously fuzzy heaven.


      The Nails is great at making lower output single coils punch well above their weight, fattening them with a classy saturation, this is my go to for 'dimed Hendrix' tones.


      Nails runs on 9 - 18VDC.  Higher supply will increase the headroom and respond to your playing with a greater dynamic response and the LED clipping section of the circuit will engage more 'naturally'. Try it!


      There is no battery option with this pedal, it's 2022 so get yourself a solid power supply!  If you need some reccomendations - find out what I use at the FAQ page.

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