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  • Classic overdrive to breathe life into any tone!

    Royal Fortune: Vintage Overdrive

    • The Royal Fortune is a single transistor overdrive circuit, originating in the late 70's by the Electra Guitar Co who actually built them directly into their guitars, imagine that eh!

      I made some adjustments to the original based on my tastes and built the circuit 'point to point' style on amplifier style turret posts because... why not?  Although relatively simple in design, I have genuinely always loved what these do to an 'on the edge' amplifier.  Like a shot of adrenaline, it's one of those bits of gear that takes what's already good about your sound and gives you more of it. 

      This Royal Fortune yields an uncompressed, natural 'valve' (or 'tube' for our American chums) sounding saturation that crucially stays responsive to your playing dynamics.  Adjusting the GAIN clockwise alters the bias of the amplifier, increasing the output and overdriving your tone very pleasingly!  A very tasteful and 'rich' saturation.

      The switch controls the clipping section of the circuit, with three options available. 'Si' introduces asymmetrical silicon diode clipping, turning the gain into a sweet natural crunch. 'Ge' will switch to symmetrical Germanium diodes, the most compressed and aggressive version of overdrive the RF can offer, at max settings it pushes almost bloated fuzz tones.  In its 'open' state the clipping section is removed completely and you are left with the most transparent, natural overdrive, which is where it lives on my setup.


      I'm picky when it comes to effects I use, particularly overdrive as many will take what you give it and squash the bejeesus out of it however you adjust them.  The Royal Fortune is made to compliment your guitar, amp and even other overdrives, without taking over.  This works especially well in the 'Open' position.


      If you are running a dirty crunch amp tone, start with the 'Open' position, if you need more back off the gain slightly and try the Si setting. More? Hit the Ge for the most compressed overdrive. But of course there are no rules, turn the knob and flip the switch until it sounds best!  Clean amps with lots of headroom will love this pedal however you use it.


      There is no battery option with this pedal, it's 2022 so get yourself a solid power supply!  If you need some reccomendations - find out what I use at the FAQ page.

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